Employment Experts

Because every case is different, all of our reports are bespoke for your clients. We work with you to understand the circumstances of your client and produce a quote and report to fit them. We are very happy to have an informal conversation about your case prior to instruction so that we can ensure we understand and meet your requirements.

Expert Witness Reports

We undertake several hundred reports per year and have provided around 4,000 reports in total. 
Our work is a broadly even balance between Pursuer and Defender. We work within the Scottish legal system and provide CPR compliant reports for English courts. We have also provided reports for the Compensation Board in Ireland and for use in courts in Canada, USA, Australia and South Africa.
Our reports typically cover injury related causes but we have a significant number of instructions for loss of earnings due to divorce, historical abuse and employment tribunals.

Functional Capacity evaluations

Conducted by experienced Occupational Therapists, this assessment is designed to establish what a person can do from a physical perspective. There is a formal testing regime that lasts several hours which provides key information on the tasks that a person can undertake and their limitations. 
We frequently combine this evaluation with an expert report and job analysis to to provide guidance and metrics on the type of job a person might be able to do along with potential limitations and reasonable adjustments. 

Career Guidance & Change Support

Our consultants use a range of assessment tools and interview techniques to help clients when they are transitioning between careers. Perhaps driven by redundancy or major life change, we help clients understand what motivates them and to understand their goals and objectives.

We provide real tangible help by working up a plan to achieve these goals and make them a reality.