Litigation & Expert Witness

Our litigation related report services provide career models and associated earnings projections in personal injury, Employment Tribunals, Criminal Injuries Compensation and in matrimonial cases. Our reports are clear and objective, informed by published research where possible, and drawing on a wide range of data sources.  Our reports and services take account of the client’s history, their current situation, their aspirations and potential and the opportunities realistically available to them. 

Providing such reports since 1993 has given us wide experience of the prospects of individuals from a diverse range of social, economic and occupational backgrounds.  Reports locate the person in their socio-vocational context, and, using formal assessment where appropriate identify likely future options and routes to their attainment.  Assessments are supported by analysis of scientific research relevant to the person’s position and by research into labour market conditions at local, regional and national levels. An analysis of prospects but for the accident completes the picture.

We have provided some 3,500 such reports over the last 19 years with a broadly even balance of Pursuer and Defender work. In addition to work within the Scottish legal system, we also provide CPR compliant reports for English courts. We have also provided reports for the Compensation Board in Ireland and for use in courts in Canada, USA, Australia and South Africa.

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